It all began in 1992 when hurricane Andrew chased me out of Miami. Thank God I was able to return to my family in Jamaica.

Wanting to spend quality time with my then 2-year-old son, I decided, "I’m going to make beaded jewelry".

I ordered beads, tools and all else needed from Canada and was very excited when I received them… but... one very important thing was missing - - the knowledge of how to make jewelry!!

So here my learning began… I started with large beads knotted on leather, progressed to stringing smaller beads - and - the rest is history!! Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my evolving path of jewelry creation. I know that it will be a long and exciting road ahead and can't wait to see where it will take me. UPDATE 2017 - I now make beaded home & wine decor - and loving it!!

Living in Jamaica, Toronto, Dallas and Miami, I have been exposed to many cultures, customs & colors. I LOVE color!! and I LOVE creating jewelry!!.

It is a wonderful thing to be blessed with a gift that brings others happiness. My pleasure is knowing that you will enjoy wearing/displaying my pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them.